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Oh, the wonders of outsourced cleaning!

I know Konmari’s the craze these days and I will get to it another time. I actually read her book two years ago and even blogged about how it changed my life. Guess what? I actually found my very own Mari Kondo in MNL and while I am so excited to share my vlog about what she’s done for me, let’s reserve that for a later and better time. For now, I simply want to inform fellow homemakers about the wonders of outsourced house cleaners and deep cleaning.

It actually started last year when Clean Place PH came over to my home and worked on two floors of our home. I was amazed that their deep cleaning included scrubbing even the sides of the drawers where apparently, most of the dust and dirt collect over time. (Vlogged their visit to our home and you watch it by clicking this: DEEP CLEANING!)

Then the holidays came. And as a practice and conviction, we give our household staff official vacation on those weeks. We send them home to their families, which leaves only my husband, my 5-year-old son, and myself at home. We were to do the dishes, make the bed, sweep and scrub floors, without any help from anybody else and this would have been completely fine if not for the parties left and right.

The holidays meant we had to host several of them and it took about three late nights to figure out that we had planned this one poorly. We scheduled too many activities without any staff to help us at all. As a result, waking up to a dirty home on many December mornings made me feel worse and worse by the day.

Then I called Nanny PH! I asked them to come and rescue me from my unbearable Christmas mess and they readily came. They steamed the house anew and I realized that this was an amazing alternative for the hectic season. At times when the regular staff’s away, Nanny PH can fill in the gaps with their services. They can clean as a team, and even offer a chef, nanny, or driver by the day service. I think it’s a really viable solution for those who become helpless at times like this. I also think it’s great for young couples who have no kids yet (and maybe even condo-living single people!) who just want occasional cleaning and not have the hassle of maintaining a regular housemaid.

After a few more months, I encountered Ninja Made PH. That was because I needed one more round of cleaning after I have taken down all the decors. But this time, I wanted a team who could also clean my windows. As some of you may have seen on my home tour vlog, our house has a whole lot of windows. (Maybe a little too much, actually.) So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Ninja Made PH is able to provide simple window cleaning services. (They are still in the process of accreditation when it comes to professional window cleaning, especially for tall buildings, but can surely clean simple house windows that aren’t too high.) They also have simple and deep cleaning, organization (they fix your clutter, basically), steaming, air purifying with essential oils and more. Their services do not much differ from other companies but let me give you a list of what I personally found to be remarkable about them.

  • They use natural cleaning products. For someone who has autoimmune concerns, this is a major plus point for me. This would be great for homes who are especially sensitive to chemicals, like maybe those that have sick people living in them, pregnant women, little kids. It is especially fitting for me to get them at this time, too, as I am welcoming the new baby soon! They are cleaning the kids’ room as I am typing this, actually. (If you care to know, they use natural solutions like a mixture of baking soda, peroxide and other ingredients to effectively and efficiently clean grime and dirt.)
  • They do a great, great job when it comes to deep, as in really deep, cleaning. I had no idea that their deep cleaning really meant deep – as in they took out every single thing from the cabinets and disinfected everything one by one before putting them back in place. When they left, I actually noticed that even my showerheads were sparkling! Funny that I had no idea they were dirty, but these guys scrubbed and steamed all the unnoticeable dirt off every surface possible. I was actually telling my friend that those little black dirts accumulating in between your tiles and hinges which you never have the energy to scrub off, will be gone as the team leaves. Also, they wiped down every single piece of makeup tucked away in my drawers. And because of how clean they looked, I started using some of my forgotten ones all over again! Kasi nagmukha silang bago!

  • The owners are so professional and pleasant! Rommel and Ace are hands on, from the initial ocular of the place to bringing in the team. They also were very generous about giving me natural cleaning methods I can do on my own. They said that if my son pees on our bed again, I could just use baking soda and a little soap cleaner to clean it off. They also shared with me some tips about mold prevention which could cause respiratory problems for my family. Hindi sila madamot sa information, and part of their goal is to help you sustain the practices in your own home.

I was so happy with Ninja Made that I had to make a mental note of getting them for deep cleaning at least twice or thrice a year. This is also my recommendation to friends who have a house or unit to maintain, whether you have household help, a team of five or six people who have the energy to scrub and steam and disinfect the entire place down is unbeatable. It’s worth it, at least for the few times you have to do it in a year.

Thanking Clean Place Ph, Nanny Ph, and Ninja Made Ph for your services. Will surely be calling you guys more for 2019!

And to my readers: just click on their handles above, hyperlinked to their accounts, to know their rates and availability!


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