7 Hows for 7 Years


Jan, 29 2017

Its been seven years, Darling. But none of us can still can guess, ever, what God is going to do next. He is an amazing God to me, to you, and to this marriage. All honor and glory to Him who started this love story, and will carry it to completion.

1 From Two to One

How could we have afforded such a glorious wedding? 


2 From Tamaraw to Fortuner

How could we have updated our cars?


3 From Two to Three

How could we have deserved such a wonderful child?


4 From Renting to Owning a home

For all our rookie mistakes, wow could we continue to live and love and laugh and not lack?


5 From Manila to the Ends of the Earth

How did we find the time and resources to go on all these trips?


6 From Health to Sickness and Health again

How many hospital visits have we gone through? From birth to miscarriage to anemia to shingles to dengue?


7 From Seven to Forever

How can I grow old without you?


Dear Joseph,


When we got married, you had not much money in the bank. You ate boiled eggs at the cafeteria just so you could save the few pesos you had. You drove me around in your Tamaraw FX and I was completely fine about selling my van so we could buy a parking space for this beat-up car. We waited to buy a good mattress. It took a while before we found a nice dining table via charity. It took tremendous faith to have our first home renovated. We even had to celebrate the day when our first ever, and most awaited, airconditioning units, were installed.


Many of those times I would lie awake at night thinking to sell my jewelry, just in case ends don’t meet, but somehow they always do. And we even found ourselves growing, enlarging our territories, expanding visions, strengthening stakes, increasing faith, through it all.


Many of those times I would like awake at night thinking anything.

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Now we drive an updated car. We can afford to buy a house in a gated village. We can keep help at home and ask them to cook us nice things— definitely a lot nicer and little more varied than simply fried or scrambled or boiled or poached egg. It sure is a lot different today than seven years ago but I did notice that one thing remains the same.


As we both have prayed and believed on the day we were going to marry, this verse continues to prove itself true and alive in our marriage:


But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”— (1 Corinthians 2:9)


I love you. I loved the seven years. And will continue to love the rest of my married life with you.


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By Rica Peralejo

Rica is a wife, a mother, and writer whose topics range from faith to family to everyday curiosities.

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(Psalm 90:12, NLT)

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Ecclesiastes 3:9

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