A Man with an Obsession


Sep, 30 2015

I think it's a great day to ask ourselves, "What am I so obsessed with?" 

Is it designer bags? Shoes? Clothes? Paper and pens? Books? 

Or maybe it is immaterial like sexual intercourse? Relationships? Boys? Girls? Work? Career? Success? Money? And perhaps these things that underlie the things above: attention? Fame? Dieting? Knowledge?

I ask because there is so much truth in this quote by my favorite C.S.Lewis. Truly, if we have an obsession, it takes very little convincing for us to buy into it — even when it is beginning to hurt us.

In debt with the designer upkeep? Unable to save for the rainy days? 

Marital problems? Infidelity? Lack of focus? Insecurity? Envy? Paranoia? Greed? Insecurity? Disappointment? 

And the bigger problem is that the enemy will try to do everything to make the obsession look so appealing and worth it for you. Though there is the one and only obsession the enemy does not want you to get into, which is the one and only thing I consider good for us to be totally crazy about. And that can only be God. 

We can never out-give God. No matter how crazy we are about Him, it still falls short. This shouldn’t be a surprise since we are talking about a Supreme God. So there is no such thing as over-obsessing with Him. Because He is infinite, we never actually get to exhaust Him no matter how hard we try.

Moreover, He is good. Obsessing about Him can only lead us to the right path. He is the only One who rewards for earnest seeking.

While all else in the world will pretend to give but actually take away. 

Sex asks for much and in the end we are destroyed as we obsess about it. Acquiring things makes us feel full but in fact much money has gone out of our hands. Relationships fail us one time or another, and though some are disappointments of a lower degree, putting our entire hope on people will only end in discoveries that not even the person we consider to be best in the world will ever be enough to satisfy an obsession.

Only God satisfies. Moreover, only God goes beyond our expectations. 

As a married person, I know that not even my husband is worthy and good enough to make as an obsession. And he knows not to make me one, too. Being each other’s obsession will only make us expect to be god to each other and we both know for sure that we are far from it. But as we both put our all on God, we are mercifully and gracefully transformed into loyal and covenantal partners for life.

May you have a lovely Wednesday!


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By Rica Peralejo

Rica is a wife, a mother, and writer whose topics range from faith to family to everyday curiosities.

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"Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom."
(Psalm 90:12, NLT)

What gain has the worker from his toil? I have seen the business that God has given to the children of man to be busy with.

Ecclesiastes 3:9

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