Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio is a wife, a mother, and writer whose topics range from faith to family to everyday curiosities.

Her words are grounded by her beliefs and are illuminated by her joy and her love for life. Her website chronicles her everyday journey as a mother, a wife, and as a woman of faith.



The Boys’ Room!

The Room The room is rectangular and straightforward. It makes for easy fixing, with windows that give it a daily dose of wonderful sunshine. The Cabinets The house came with cabinets and it took me a while to change the one in the kids' room because I didn't want unnecessary expenses. But part of a child's developmental needs is to help them grow in independen[...]

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Orlando, Florida

While They Were Gone

It shows a rather disoriented me, who can’t keep up with any narrative, especially when I was so entrenched in the leaky days of postpartum, alongside what would be my father’s last days.

“Time is the biggest, most precious unrenewable resource.”

Brene Brown

Siargao with my side of the fam!

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